Why Forward Motion

  • Take Your Time

    With our online courses you are able to take as much or as little time as you need to learn the skills to move forward on your journey.

  • Support Along the Way

    Our team is here to support you during your journey. You will have questions along the way and when they come up all you have to do is raise your hand. We're here for you.

  • Community to Grow With

    You are not in this alone. There is a whole Forward Motion family here to grow with you. We have built a community of people who are starting, in the middle, and enhancing their journey of 'Creating Generational Prosperity One Family at a Time' along with you.

What are people saying

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“I am so grateful for Forward Motion! Amanda with Forward Motion was very helpful and knowledgeable. I appreciated the insights she shared and the recommendations during our session. She has helped shift my mindset on personal finances for the better. The changes I have made to my budgeting and finances after speaking with Amanda has not only brought me a deeper understanding of finances but it has also brought me peace of mind and a feeling that I am on the right track to reach my goals.”

Get Your Money Right Student


“Amanda is absolutely incredible!! She is a wealth of knowledge and taught me things about finance and investing that I didn't even know existed!! She is patient and a natural born teacher. Incredible insight, incredible leadership and She brings so much value. She truly listens to and understands your goals and gives you the blueprint needed to achieve them. 10/10 and them some. Do your life a favor and set up some sessions! You won't regret it.”

Individual Coaching Student


“Amanda is a wildly passionate instructor and loves to teach and empower others in the art of finance. As a small business owner and entrepreneur, Amanda helped me to see the impact that my personal financial decisions have on my business. I highly recommend her services!”

Get Your Money Right Student


“My first interactions with Forward Motion was through Amanda Miller. She spent her time and energy to work with myself and 13 other entrepreneurs to ensure we had a firm foundation of personal finances, budgeting, and business financial literacy as well. She and her team are a wealth of information and have great resources regardless if you are a novice or an expert in financial literacy. They have something to offer for everyone and their goal is always to see you succeed and grow!”

Get Your Money Right Student


“This organization is just what our community needs to create a massive ripple among us all! They have such passion and persistence to help everyone thrive, with resources and tools that anyone willing to take the time to listen and participate can learn and implement! Financial literature is not common knowledge, Amanda and her team want you and your family/friends thrive too!!!”

Social Media Follower


“So grateful for the financial literacy training. I thought I was doing well in my budgeting but there are many tiny tweaks Amanda taught us that's helped tons this year. Like figuring how much is actually spent on subscriptions and fast food. Thank you Amanda for your insight!”